Traditional materials.
Nature inspired.
Rural Chic atmosphere.

The Rural-Chic style

It combines tradition, creativity and natural elements.
A warmth and pleasant style, with a fresh touch.
Certainly charming.

A unique stay, with a unique charm.

We decided to have only 8 rooms, for a quieter atmosphere with fewer people and more relaxation. 

All the rooms are placed in the buildings from the 1800s, , each one with its own style: handmade chandeliers, natural “lime” wall colors and small features that also differentiate them in the price per night.

One thing stays the same: the level of details and care we put in each one.


  • Foam topper on mattress
  • Four pillows
  • Natural paints
  • Handcrafted items
  • Creative handmade chandeliers
  • Natural fabrics such as wool and cotton
  • Drinkable water from well
  • Low emission led lighting
  • Solar panel energy
  • Wifi
  • Courtesy kit
  • Hair dryer
  • Mosquito nets on the windows
  • Fans
  • 1 meter stone walls, no need for noisy air conditioning
  • No Tv, better relax
  • All with private bathroom (obviously), bidet and shower
  • No smoking

Daily bedroom cleaning, unless for Sundays (day-off of our housekeeper *we respect labour)

Choose the one you like most!

By clicking on"details"" you can read the complete description and see all the pics of each room.

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For our characteristics we strongly suggest a min. age of 6/7 years old.

Only very calm animals.

Room 6 PEACE is the room where we host animals as it has a little garden just right in front.

Per person: 2 pillows. 3 towels (small, medium, large). Shampoo, disposable shower. Hand soap. 

We have the typical walls of stone houses, about 1 meter thick. The rooms are therefore isolated and cool. Moreover, the evenings in the countryside have always a fresh breeze.

Yes. All the windows have mosquito nets.

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