Deserved rest!
Farmhouse in Umbria for relaxation.

Our guests defined our farmhouse as a "little paradise" or even an "oasis of peace".
Our goal is to make you relax. 

A nineteenth-century farmhouse.
An ancient place of country life.

Two families of farmers lived on the first floor of the farmhouse.
On the ground floor there was the stable, on the side the ancient dryer, all around the fields to cultivate.

Life flowed slowly at the time and was accompanied by natural rhythms.

Between work and the luxury of a simpler but perhaps healthier life, the countryside consoled and cheered the family life.

Let yourself be inspired by these images and enjoy a holiday now called "Slow"..


It's time to have a break.

Life could be stressful nowadays.

Every day we think of those who want to unplug and have a break, those who want to stop and catch their breath.

To do this, you need simplicity, nature and peace. 

These are the elements to renew oneself and to return to live with a light spirit.

You will feel "at home".

As you may have already read, our farmhouse is reserved only for overnight guests.

We made this choice to ensure the greatest privacy and to have an "among friends" kind of atmosphere.

You will therefore feel right at home.

Very few people, spaces for everyone, lots of greenery, and a familiar but always discreet welcome with us, Gabriele and Alessia.

Nature will pamper you.

Landscapes have a direct effect on our emotions: greenery and trees reduce negative ones such as anger, and enhance joy.
Many studies confirm this.

As they say: "Surrender to nature".

You will find yourself among the holm oaks, the centenary oak, the great laurel, the garden, the large lawn east-facing, the small park around the swimming pool, the promenade that goes around the farmhouse, the orchard, the birch trees. 

We guarantee moments of simple but unique lightness.

Think about this: sometimes it is not the sauna or spa that you need for your well-being, but corners of tranquility and contexts that enhance relaxation.

When was the last time you looked at the stars?

When did you walk barefoot on a lawn?

It is the quality of the simple things that makes the difference.

Magic Nights.

The stars. The sounds of nature. The soft lights. Fireflies (when in season).

The morning light.

The sun kisses the facade of the farmhouse. It will be the first thing you can admire.

Lie down on the hammock.

Sleep, think or read. If you want, we also have a library full of books.

Enjoy the lawn.

14x6 meters of soft and dense lawn. Where to indulge, picnic or roll.

Free your imagination.

Get inspired.

And who forbids you to imagine your future or to rethink one of your life values?
Everything is possible.

Let your imagination fly.

Enjoy your holiday, enjoy relaxation.

Pick up fruits.

Apricots, figs, apples, depending on the season. Always aromatic and vegetable.

Let us tell you about the garden.

A vegetable garden made with a series of techniques to improve the soil without chemistry.

Are you looking forward to starting your relaxing holiday?

We are waiting for you in Umbria. We are waiting for you at the farmhouse.