Beautiful nature with plenty of relaxing spots.

Landscapes have a direct effect on our emotions: greenery and trees reduce negative ones such as anger, and enhance joy.

As they say: "Surrender to nature".

You will find yourself among the holm oaks, the centenary oak, the great laurel, the garden, the large lawn east-facing, the small park around the swimming pool, the promenade that goes around the farmhouse, the orchard, the birch trees. 

Well organised outdoor areas, equipped with sunbeds, tables, hammocks, benches or couches. Simply enjoy nature, read a book, reflect on life, don't think, have a chat, smile with your kids, imagine your future, breath fresh air, watch the birds, smell the flowers.

Our farmhouse is made for relaxation.

Past guests called it "a little paradise".
Our goal is to make you relax. 

Farmhouse from 1800s, where you can rediscover the "slow life" of the countryside.

Two peasant families lived on the first floor of the farmhouse. On the ground floor there was the stable, on the side the dryer, all around the fields to be cultivated. Between working in the fields and the luxury of a simpler but perhaps healthier life, the countryside consoled and cheered family life.

Life flowed slowly at the time and was accompanied by natural rhythms.

Let yourself be inspired by those images and enjoy a holiday now called "slow"..

Privacy and "like a friend" atmosphere.

Our farmhouse and all its services such as the swimming pool or the restaurant are reserved exclusively for overnight guests.

We made this choice to ensure the greatest privacy and to have an "among friends" kind of atmosphere, without the coming and goings of people common in other agriturismo.

With such few people and with our kind of hospitality, the atmosphere is relaxed, light and full of wellbeing.

Exclusive services for guests only

Organic garden.

Our vegetables, from garden to table.

Kids discover nature

No "modern" games, instead the beauty of playing with nature.