Le Tortorelle


First of all we want to make it clear:
relaxation and peace are key at our agriturismo.

Confusion is not part of the way we see a regenerating holiday in the countryside.

But we like to enjoy relaxing things to do, between physical well-being, rural life and fun.

Otherwise, you'll always be able to enjoy the "Dolce far niente" (do nothing).

We have a yoga studio at your disposal

The flagship of our farm is the activity room of 90 sqm

The room is available to you, to be used independently at your discretion. 

We will provide you with your personal holiday mat, to use for yoga or gymnastics. 

from 10 to 12, every day an activity organized by us.

Only 10€ per lesson.

Guided walks

Starting from the farmhouse, we have several paths in the countryside. There are guided walks twice a week, otherwise we provide you with maps to do them on your own.


Easy yoga or gentle gymnastics

Guided by us, you can stretch your body and feel good with simple movements to relax.


Andrés (here in action at the gym) is part of our staff and passionate of capoeira. You can take advantage of his knowledge, have fun and dance while learning the basics of capoeira!

Garden and garden

Every morning we take care of our garden, you can participate with us and learn how to do it. We are passionate about natural vegetable gardens, so we will also talk about permaculture techniques and vegetable garden without chemistry. FREE ACTIVITY

Bakery products laboratory

How to make homemade bread with the use of sourdough or kefir. Each person will do its own dough.

Know the Aloe plant

With Aldo, you can visit our Aloe greenhouses and do a small workshop on the use of this incredible plant.

silence guaranteed

From 14.30 to 16.30 we invite all guests to help us create that soft and naturally soothing atmosphere that only silence and the sounds of the countryside can give.

A moment of real idleness perfect for a nap in your room or on the lawn, to "immerse yourself" in a book in the shade of a tree, to lose yourself in the view of the hills lying on the sun bed by the pool.


activities that you can book and enjoy either at our place or in their premises

During this 15 years being in the tourism business of Umbria, we have made many friends who offer very pleasant experiences. 

Below you will find the "menu" of bookable experiences.
They are all activities that take place either privately (only for you), or in very small groups of 4 people.
You can also decide to have them "at home" (here at the farmhouse) holiday with a small surcharge. 

Services for the person

To be booked before arrival, all operators will come to the farm.