From the living room you enter the room COURAGE and its small corridor. Once inside, you can continue on the left along the corridor towards the bathroom, or straight where you find a sliding ancient door which enters the double bedroom. The room was the ancient kitchen, still with its fireplace for cooking, now creatively revisited with clothes hangers. Two windows, one facing north and one facing east and a 3 meter beamed ceiling make the room very spacious with the bed placed almost in the center of the room. You must see the original chandelier made with 50's teacups from our family, hanging from an olive cutting board. The bathroom has a small window facing north. A total of about 30 square meters. Silence: 7 - Privacy: 7 - Comfort: 9 - Freshness: 10 - View: 10 - Brightness: 8 - Bathroom: 8
Prezzo medio 152 per night
for two adults, half board included


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