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Alessia & Gabriel

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Pragmatic, dreamer, farmer, entrepreneur. Growing up among magazines of Beautiful homes that his mother dreamed of, he always had an eye for "beauty". In search of the "depths" of life, he took inspiration from his grandparents' teachings to bring that way of life to the present day.


Lover of nature and healthy and ethical cuisine, compulsive baker, passionate about trekking, permaculture and reading. She will accompany you on excursions for a regenerating woodland bath and will be able to recommend a good book from our library!


Our handyman, Capoeira instructor, greeting-sun employee, meditation and oriental philosophies enthusiast, guitarist and percussionist. He waits for you every morning in the holistic room to release the accumulated tensions with a regenerating practice!

Le Tortorelle

born in 2002

Welcome to this Little Paradise

What satisfaction!

It's been more than 15 years now that our family has made his dream come true:

own a farmhouse and share it with people who love magical places full of history like the green UMBRIA ūüíö

And from that day on, we've been working with just one idea:


A certainly ambitious goal ...
but generated by a great primordial passion, present in all members of the family:


"A great love of nature."


Let's be honest:
It's not an easy adventure and there are many challenges to face.


On one hand, the countryside, which requires dedication, hard work and the desire to sweat and get your hands dirty.

On the other hand, modern tourism, which needs daily attention to promotional tools, because the competition (the large hospitality structures) is very strong.


But our idea of creating A LITTLE PARADISE to share with those who want to, brings us daily energy to face every challenge in a positive way.


It is a place where it is placed at the centre:
- Nature, perfectly wild
- Human beings, and its creativity
- Wellbeing, of a healthy life.


This is what we have achieved, and we are improving every day with all our strenght.


Here you will find yourself enjoying a holiday in a farmhouse in natural style, a unique place, which will certainly exert its charm in most of you.


..Where you can rest, relax and lighten your mind, an enchanting place where you are surrounded by the purity and perfection of nature.


We are waiting for you in our "Little Paradise"
Gabriel & Alessia

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