Few rooms, safe environments, cozy and bright rooms.
It is our idea of "tranquillity"

We have chosen a low number of rooms to make the farm more welcoming, smaller and quieter.

In order to make the rooms more harmonious, we have renewed the traditional elements such as terracotta floors, wood beams and old wooden doors with light tones and colours inspired by nature.


"TRUST", room 1

Water Green color, antique sieve chandelier, facing South-East

"LOVE", room 2

Color Blue Atoll, large wicker basket chandelier, facing South-West

Lightness, harmony and well-being


"LISTEN", room 3

Pink and Lime color, Ivy root chandelier, West facing

"ESTEEM", room 4

Sugar Paper Color, Apple Tree Chandelier, facing West

All surrounded by nature.


"COURAGE", room 5

Colour Smoked Grey, Chandelier made with an olive chopping board and tea cups from the 50's, exposed to the North

"PEACE", room 6

Colour Antique violet, Jasmine root chandelier, ground floor

The Style

Craftsmanship. Research. Creativity.

Eco Sustainable

We chose natural materials such as lime paint for the walls: a very old, ecological and very healthy natural product.

Inspired by nature

A green idea that brings nature inside the rooms, like the chandeliers with trunks and roots

Creative Recycling

The details are unique and follow the eco-chic style that makes extensive use of the creative recycling of objects, giving them a second life. 

Small craftsmen

We have worked involving small craftsmen, because support for craftsmanship and small local activities are part of our vision.


5 rooms on the first floor.

2 rooms on the ground floor.
If you have a specific need let us know.


Low emission and low pollution Led lights.

Mosquito nets

All the windows.
Remember, however, that you are coming to the countryside so the little insects are part of this environment.


We have four "family" rooms for 3 or 4 people, and cradle availability.


All rooms have en suite bathroom and shower.
We don't have bathtubs.


We provide 3 towels per person. The change is not fixed but on request, inviting you to consider (as we do) the waste of water.


Our rooms are without television, to guarantee more silence in the structure.


The farm has a good wifi signal and, in general, good coverage of all telephone networks

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