You are in Umbria. You feel at the seaside.
Saltwater swimming pool.

The salt pool is delightful: you feel the taste of salt, you float better, you tan more, it doesn't hurt your skin, it is more hygienic and you also help the environment.

What else? :)

The pool is at the most beautiful spot of the farmhouse.
It overlooks the Umbrian hills.

Always quiet.

The terrace is very spacious and, as you may already know, our farmhouse is reserved ONLY for guests who stay overnight. So the atmosphere is never crowded.

Saltwater, why?

In Umbria we have neither coast nor sea, but at our farmhouse we didn't want to give up these "little-big" emotions. We like to spoil ourselves.

And then there is nothing to do:
the salt water pool is simply more enjoyable.

Choose your gazebo.

From the farmhouse, the stairs take you to the swimming pool, along the plum and apple trees.

The terracotta terrace is panoramic overlooking the hills of Umbria.

Around you the woods, large holm oaks and one of the farm fields.

Choose the gazebo that you like best, there are some for all rooms, and each one has its own comfortable sunbed with pillow.

If you love details, you will love this pool.

Someone can think that "a swimming pool is a swimming pool", but for those who love details this is not the case.

As in the rest of the farmhouse, we believed that the attention to details could enrich the pool as well.

Gazebos and sunbeds: made in Umbria.

We brought our passion for craftsmanship to the pool as well.

The wooden loungers are locally produced.

The gazebos are handmade by us, with the common reed from the trasimeno lake, produced by the historic Zoppitelli company.


Salt pools are much greener than normal pools. They allow you to use very few chemicals (1/5 of a normal pool).

More hygienic

Salt pools are very hygienic because they are controlled "automatically" by the machinery that transforms the salt into chlorine (thus avoiding the classic peaks).


No, a swimming cap is not required at our pool.

Not fixed. In the evening, we put the cleaning robot on and remove it first thing in the morning. The pool is already available from 7am.

The lowest point is 1.20 meters. The highest point is 3 meters, so perfect for diving.

The pool has an L shape. At the longest point it is 14 meters, at the widest it is 7 meters.

Yes. There is a shower with hot water (heated by the sun).

Can't wait to arrive in Umbria, enter the farmhouse and take a dip in the salt pool?

Summertime's offers are ready. July and especially August are the most popular months.

Don't miss one to book one of our 8 rooms.