The little artisanal restaurant:
Al fresco eating

Local produce, made by the best artisans of Umbria, cooked with love for delicious dishes, so they say :-).


A unique taste

Our little restaurant is exclusively reserved for overnight guests., we want to offer you a peaceful experience and let you enjoy pleasant evenings outdoors or in the old stable.

You will taste many excellent Umbrian products, even the best olive oil in the world!

We have chosen to buy only from small artisans, because we believe that their products have a soul, and that they are of great value for you and also for Umbria.

Plus our organic garden for fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, from garden to the table.


A fixed menu that changes everyday. No one dish will be repeated.

Three courses, artisanal pasta, main course and dessert. Plus an olive oil tasting and cheeses/cured meats to start the dinner.

The value of our dinner is 30€, wine excluded. 
We remind you that our basic rate is Half-Board, we don't do B&B. For 6-7 nights bookings though, you can take off one dinner.

Homemade bread

With old grains flour and long rising time. Plus focaccia and cheese breads.

The best EVO oil in the world!

Every night you will taste a different EVO oil from the best Umbrian producers.

Artisanal pasta

Fresh pasta or dried pasta, but always artisanal pasta.

Slow cooked main courses

As they did in the "old times". To preserve nutrients and for unique flavors.

The Organic Garden

Vegetables from garden to table. Organic and metres zero.

Natural wines

A small wine list of wines made by farmers we know who produce "natural wines".

Dinners menu

*it can slightly change due to produce availability and season 


Wine list.

Wines from the land.
Made by local farmers.

This is the philosophy we propose you.

Wines from very small farmers that work mainly on the grapes, rather than on the techniques in the cellar. 

Made by passionate people, wine lovers we know personally.

The breakfast.

Healthy and tasty choices.

Umbrian coffee (yes, Umbrian), homemade cakes with rye or spelt flour, homemade hazelnut cream, homemade fresh fruit creams (instead of the usual jams), homemade bread, homemade yogurt, homemade biscuits, apple juice (made with apples).

Did we say that breakfast is mainly homemade? We also have cheese and cured meats, boiled eggs or tomato and bread.

Ah, we also have Cappuccino.


Three lunches per week.

Wednesday from the local market:  Mozzarella di bufala with tomatoes from the garden, local ham, grilled veggies and mixed bread basket. Glass of wine and coffee.
20€ (kids until 14, 12€)

Friday "Porchetta" The local pig cooked in the oven the traditional way, with roasted potatoes and salad from the garden. Bread basket, glass of wine and coffee.
20€ (kids until 14, 12€)

The "Traditional" Sunday: Lasagna, cakes with vegetables and crostini.
20€ (kids until 14, 12€)

On request, the other days of the week, are available sandwiches with cured meats or cold cuts (6€). Or if you prefer there are two local restaurants at 5 min from us.

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