The luxury of the countryside.
Farmhouse with full board.

Taste the local products of the best Umbrian food artisans. Eat "al fresco" or in the old stable. We also have a "full board" service, so you don't have to think about anything.

"Al fresco" or the old stable.
Where to eat "exclusively".

You will have the best dining experience possible precisely because our farmhouse is NOT a restaurant.

Our service is reserved for overnight guests only, without the classic comings and goings of farmhouses with restaurants.

So forget chaotic places or lots of people.
The dinners and the excellent food will be relaxing moments in which to enjoy, exclusively with the other guests, the bucolic atmosphere of the farmhouse in the countryside.


Artisanal food made in Umbria.

Umbria is a land of magnificent producers.

The produce you will eat tell the stories of the umrbian artisans.

“Heroes” we personally know, who are the true protagonists of the gastronomic culture of the Umbrian territory. 

It will be a unique opportunity for you to get to know Umbria through food.

The convenience of the "full board".

We are among the few farmhouses in Umbria to offer "full board". While having only overnight guests.

While the online booking you can choose to "add lunches", or you can decide to buy individual lunches once you are at the farmhouse.

We have a self-service formula, with our “picnic” format. Two lunches are served at the table, on Fridays and Sundays.

We take care of all 5 senses.

For us, dinner has to be a small experience.

A moment to be together with your loved ones, to talk, dream or regenerate.

You will enjoy some background music, the Italian singer-songwriters of the 60s, the best light rock, some smooth jazz. Always discreet, but always present.

Nourish the body. Nourish the soul.

What will I eat?

Let's talk about the food.

Dinner has four courses.
We start with the Umbrian olive oil tasting and cheese or cured meat tasting, then the first course with fresh or dried artisanal pasta, we then go to the main course and we end up with the dessert.

The menu is fixed, different every night, never a dish is repeated.
The quantities are designed to enjoy the various food without overeating.

Quality food first. Very often organic products or, if not officially certified, chosen by us for their undisputed quality. More than 70% comes from Umbria. The rest is Italian.

The food and wine we propose at Le Tortorelle looks at the excellence of the region.

Our rustic bread

Made with flour from the ancient Torgiano mill.-Whole grains and noble cereals such as spelt and rye.

The best EVO oil in the world!

One extra virgin Umbrian olive oil every night. The "magnificent 7" we like to call them, among which there is the best EVO oil in the world.

Artisanal pasta

Pasta is fresh or dry, but always artisanal and locally produced. The dry pasta is made from ancient "Senatore Cappelli" wheat.

"Slow heat" cooking

We get inspiration by the cooking methods of grandmothers, those made delicately with the pot left near the fire. Second courses with an intense flavor and rich in nutrients.

Our vegetable garden

The difference taste of vegetables is made by their freshness. Most of the side dishes come from our garden: harvested and immediately cooked.

Natural wines

The wines on the menu are artisanal, made by working on the grapes and on the soil. "Natural" wines, made by winemakers that work with nature instead that with chemicals.

The breakfast.

Healthy and tasty choices.

Umbrian coffee, cakes with rye or spelt flour, hazelnut cream, fresh fruit creams (instead of the usual jams), homemade yogurt, organic apple juice, fresh cheese or cold cuts.

You will also find cappuccino.

For a great start of the day.



No, la nostra tariffa parte dalla mezza pensione, in fase di prenotazione puoi aggiungere i pranzi. Quando sarai in agriturismo potrai, con anticipo dirci se una volta non sei a pranzo.

We only cook for our guests, so we always need a notice in advance. You can book a lunch during breakfast, by ordering for the next day.

No problem. If you have allergies or need a special diet you can let us know during the online check-in. *for gluten free we would like to emphasize that we cook gluten-free menus, but we are not equipped for strong celiacs.

We use water from our well, controlled and excellent. This is included. Wines are excluded. We have "healthy" and organic soft drinks, such as orange soda, lemonade, chinotto. You will not find classic multinational brands here.

No. We follow anti-covid best practices, so we avoid the buffet. You can order breakfast from the products "on the menu", you will find it ready on your table as soon as you wake up.

We are waiting for you at the farmhouse to enjoy the dinners.

We invite you to look at the offers available now.