The little artisanal restaurant:
Al fresco eating or in the antique stable

Local produce made by the best artisans of Umbria. Cooked with love for delicious dishes... so they say. :-)

The right atmosphere!

Tranquil, soft, detailed, reserved, informal.

To feel good at the table is not only a matter of what you eat. It's also a matter of how you feel.

The light is soft, we set up the table in a minimal way to show the wood of the tables and to maintain a countryside atmosphere. The centerpiece is of aromatic herbs, the candle resting on pebbles, the handcrafted olive wood under bottle, the cloth napkin, the rustic chairs with a comfortable cushion. 

Music is themed for every night,from the Italian singer-songwriters of the 60s to the great Italian hits of the 80s, up to the "best" English songs such as the Beatles or Elton.

We are sure that a song will evoke you a memory, an emotion, and maybe you will hum a line under your breath.


Artisanal taste!

Craftsmanship has the added value of people, we believe in it.

All the main produce you will eat come from our gardens or from the food artisans of Umbria we personally know.

Artisans are driven by Passion for their produce, they're the first to proudly eat it.This is worth more than a certification.

To network with the local economy is one of the biggest form of sustainability, and you will be part of it.

We'll do everything to tell you the artisans' stories.

Some dishes from our kitchen

Menu 2022

*it can slightly change due to produce availability and season 

Enjoy Umbria through our tasting menu:

We have a fixed menu-of-the-day, with dishes always different.

Three courses plus the tasting of the best olive oils from Umbria:

  • EVO oil tasting of one artisanal producer
  • Starter or dessert: they alternate day by day
  • Pasta course
  • Main course

Every dish tells a story of Umbria:

The EVO oil tasting, will let you know the best olive oils of Umbria.
The starter is made of umbrian cured meats and cheeses with fresh veggies from the garden, fruits and dressings
The first course is the artisanal pasta course, seasoned with our different "pesto" or canned tomatoes self-produced.
The second course is the high-quality "local meats" (or other proteins)
Dessert a sweet touch from our agri-chef


We'll send the menu of your holiday before your arrival. If you want to change a dish, you can do it the evening before for the evening after.

Our single rate always includes the artisanal half-board which includes the menu of the day, water, bread and service.

It does NOT include: wines, beers, after dinner produce such as sweet wines with biscuits, coffees, teas, herbal teas. 

Special menus

A completely vegetable menu is available for vegetarians or vegans (with main courses based on umbrian legumes such as chickpeas, beans and lentils).

We can take care of "simple" allergies (please let us know in advance), except from gluten-free,for two reasons: gluten and wheat produce are very frequent in our menu and, since ours is a very small restaurant service that prepares only for overnight guests, we don't have the resources to create a personalised entire gluten-free menu.

Children menu

As you maybe already read, children don't pay the stay, the only pay the half-board. You can choose between:

  • "Simple" half board. 2 courses: Starter/dessert (following the menu of the day) + first course or second course (they alternate day by day)
  • "As adults" half board. 3 courses + olive oil tasting (same menu of adults)

Uniqueness of our half-board

Ours is a cuisine which is delicious but healthy: no excesses of fat in cooking and with generous portions that reflects the quality over quantity philosophy.

The goal is to make food that tantalize your taste buds without weighing down the holiday.

Home made bread

Done with long rising techniques.

Countryside flours

Rye, spelt, whole grain. We buy from a stone crushed mill.

Oil tasting

The extra virgin umbrian olive oils you'll taste are excellences of the region with price ranges of 30-40€ per litre.

Sous vide cooking

Slow cooking for get more nutrients and intense flavours without using too many fats. It melts in your mouth.

Pesto own production

From our organic garden and veggie lab we create various pesto such as the "tomato confit" the "roasted aubergine" or "the green one".

Dessert wines (extra)

On request, you can taste the sweet wines from Umbria. Special and unique wines very rare to find around.

Wine list

Wines from the fruit.
Made by local farmers.

This is the philosophy we propose you.

Wines from small wineries that work mainly on the grapes, rather than on the chemical techniques in the cellar.


White wines

Red wines

Sweet wines

Buffet Breakfast

Healthy and tasty choices.

Umbrian coffee (yes, Umbrian), homemade cakes, homemade hazelnut cream, artisanal jams, homemade bread, homemade yogurt, homemade biscuits, apple juice (made with apples). Did we say almost everything is home made? Oh, granola with different ingredients as well.

C’è anche la “colazione contadina” con formaggio fresco, salumi su richiesta, pomodoro fresco, olio.

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