Visit Umbria. We have a strategic position.


Small stone villages and hamlets, medieval walls, roman arches, wells and aqueducts, lots of nature, hills always in sight, a mystical atmosphere, and so much tranquility thanks to never crowded places..

And then culture everywhere with artists, poets and histories that are lost up to to the mists of time.

You will love it.

Our farmhouse is conveniently located in the center-north of Umbria.

Le Tortorelle is close to the small medieval town of Umbertide.

The entrance to the freeway is about 10 minutes, and from there you will be in all the villages of Umbria within an hour.

Why are we well connected?

Many farmhouses in Umbria are connected only with dirt roads which are not always easy to do.

Others have kilometers and kilometers of hill roads.

Our farmhouse instead is very comfortable with asphalt roads and close connections.

Is it easy to drive in Umbria?

Yes, very easy.
(for our luck) we have basically zero traffic..

Distances are "ridiculous" for many guests coming from the cities...

When we suggest places at 30 min from say the often say:"it's the time it usually takes me to go shopping".“.

Within 1 hour you are practically everywhere.

Some suggestions of places to visit in Umbria:

Assisi, central Umbria

40 min from the Agriturismo

Gubbio, east Umbria

35 min from the Agriturismo

Perugia, central Umbria

30 min from the Agriturismo

Trasimeno lake

35 min from the Agriturismo
and islands

Marmore waterfalls

90 min from the Agriturismo

Todi, south-east Umbria

55 min from the Agriturismo

Why the "agriturismo" is the best choice to visit Umbria?

Staying at an agriturismo farmhouse is the best choice to come to Umbria, it's the most authentic.

In history, Umbria is a region of peasants.

Here the so-called "casali" (ancestors of the agritourisms) were the homes of the Umbrians.

Ours is a region rich in history, but also “poor”, less noble than nearby Tuscany for example. This is why luxury villas and farmhouses do not represent the region particularly well.

What really represents Umbria and its countryside's history with its fascinating simplicity is the agriturismo..

If you want to breathe the true atmosphere of the region, choose the agriturismo in the countryside.