Our food:

We select small Umbrian producers of great artisanal food. We prepare recipes inspired by our traditions but cook them with the knowledge of modern cuisine.

In the farmhouse we offer a full board service, nice and tasty. (you can customize the number of lunches and dinners during the booking".

We have only about 20 people places so you can enjoy the country climate, the stars or the old stable.

Few and healthy principles that guide what we cook

Micro-Producers of Umbria

We do not like industrial products, and we believe that they do not reflect the style that a real agriturismo must have. That's why we choose small Umbrian producers, who make handmade, healthy and ethical products.

Excellencies of the territory

We believe that a territory is mainly represented by its products, so we decided to present you "the best" selection of the producers that Umbria reserves.

Taste but also Health

The countryside is healthy living, but eating is also a pleasure and a moment of leisure. In our "full board" formula we have combined the two things: a nutritious breakfast, a healthy lunch, and a dinner with a few "vices" to enjoy the pleasure of the table.


Breakfast is on order from our menu. So you can have it ready on the table when you wake up in the morning.


Carrot cake h.m. (homemade)
Apple pie h.m.
Jam tart h.m.
Fruit salad Homemade
Kefir h.m.
Muesli mixed with dried fruit
Homemade jams with bread and butter
Fruit smoothie

The Lunch

on request also takeaway

Our proposal for lunch is a rich, healthy and nutritionally correct single course meal. On today's world, they are called "bowls". 

Made with traditional Umbrian ingredients, such as legumes for example, they are different every day, fresh, light and with a high satiating power.

Always composed of:
a whole cereal, a legume, a fresh vegetable, a cooked vegetable, oilseeds or dried fruit, interesting condiments such as yoghurt sauces, flavoured olive oil or kiwi sauce.

As an extra you can request a cheese board or typical Umbrian cold cuts.


Let's start with the homemade "basket from the oven" to taste a different Umbrian oil every evening. We then move on to fresh homemade pasta, to arrive at the second course that exalts the small Umbrian producers. You can eat the dessert whenever you want.


Our basket "from the oven" (homemade):
Bread with spelt flour, rye and organic grains
Traditional Umbrian "Carolina" flatbread
Umbrian Easter cheese pie
Countryside Focaccia (onion, rosemary)

Tasting the best extra virgin olive oil of Umbria
Every day a different oil from a mill of Excellence.

Vegetables from the vegetable garden in pinzimonio or to accompany with tasty vegetable sauces



Every evening a different homemade pasta
Tagliatelle, gnocchi, ravioli, strangozzi, umbricelli, lasagne, frascarelli

It is seasoned with the unique and artisanal produce:
Saffron, Truffle, "Blue" goat cheese, Porcini mushrooms or Asparagus.



The most "elaborate" dish, always respecting the simplicity of the countryside.

The Soft Egg of the Happy Racket Hen by Gina
The Caciotta di Assisi by Peter, melted on vegetables
The Umbrian Brie by Riccardo, grilled with walnuts and bruschetta
bread The free-range chicken by Sauro cooked in a jar 

And so much more.


Fresh Fruit gelato, Creamy desserts, puddings.

Winemakers' wines

A selection of wines from small umbrian wine makers.

A targeted selection that presents small, extremely niche winemakers with unique wines to drink.

A bottle that is taste, but also emotion.

We offer the first glass of "bollicine" (prosecco like umbria wine)

The selection of 3 wineries with 3 whites and 3 reds is at your disposal with wines from 10 to 21 euros.

For wine lovers this is a real uniqueness.
You will have the opportunity to taste unique products, difficult to find if not directly from the producer's cellar.

Vegetarian and Vegan menu available

We too. Check out our policy