Our idea of a charming Agriturismo in Umbria

We wanted to create a charming agritourism in Umbria, where you can live a healthy life, enjoy the wellbeing of nature and taste the local food and wine excellences.

Many people's dream. Our dream.

But what is "the charm"?

Charming hotel: hotel with a limited number of rooms, often obtained from a building previously used for other purposes (farmhouse, mill, villa, etc.) and meeting certain requirements of refinement, elegance and comfort.

Ours is a natural style, called "eco-chic": it combines beauty, nature and wellbeing

A home from home experience

Only 7 rooms, to offer a familiar and personal welcome. Informality and beauty to create a place of charm and relaxation.

An elegant return to the origins to recharge your batteries with pure energy.

We have maintained the fundamental characteristics of the typical Umbrian farmhouse

We then made it "charming" by refining it and applying the modern knowledge on well-being, healthy living, and natural style.

Always maintaining the typical simplicity of the countryside.


Light colours and relaxing tones

The choice of soft colors, inspired by nature, give serenity without sacrificing the aesthetic pleasure of a charming environment.

Retro lights

They give reinforce that "old-fashioned" atmosphere. A bit dreamy, a bit retro.


1800s Farmhouse

The charm of history: the typical Umbrian farmhouse of the 1800s where family of farmers used to live working the land and taking care of the animals.

Natural elements

We chose warm materials such as wood, cotton, linen and handmade furniture characterized by unique pieces.
agritourism-creative-reused rooms

The use of "Creative Recycling"

That's how our "eco" philosophy becomes "chic". The recovery of old objects full of charm, history and tradition, but now in disuse in today's world.

The ability to imagine and re-invent them. A recovery that gives creativity and uniqueness to the spaces. A Stimulus for curiosity.

Traditional elements

Our grandparents' coffee cups, the olive cutting board. Simple objects that would have lived in a display case. Now on display with functionality and ability to furnish. 

The saltwater swimming pool

Have you seen our pool?


A Unique Character

Being "unique" is a typical element of a charming agriturismo, and that's what we did at our agriturismo in Umbria: 

Cosy, pleasant, charming, creative environments. We have done things with care, attention and attention to detail, hoping to involve guests and make them feel welcome through pleasant spaces. 

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