The saltwater pool, the
gardens, the green hills of Umbria that surround us

We'll tell you all about it on this page.
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Yes we have a swimming pool

But a salt water pool!

At our farmhouse, the swimming pool is sanitized with sea salt.

A special machine allows the electrolysis of salt, transforming it into sodium and chlorine.

It is a much more ecological method that allows us to use very few chemicals (1/5 of a normal pool).


Salt pool, what benefits for you?

1.It's a pleasure to swim in it because you will have the taste of salt water, like in the sea!

2. It's easier to float, so you better relax and also watch the sky effortlessly.

3.Every type of skin (and mostly delicate skins) will benefit by not touching chemicals

4.Your tan will be more beautiful. Chemical chlorine tends to bleach, which is not the case with salt.

Perfect pool hygiene

The generation of chlorine takes place in a constant manner, and self-regulated by the machinery to ensure a constant self-cleaning of the pool.

Using an automated system, we do not have the classic peaks "ups and downs" of chlorination, but a constant chlorine level. Hygiene is high and reliable.


The sun umbrellas replaced by handmade gazebos

The roofs of the gazebos are made with the typical marsh reed of Lake Trasimeno.

They are handmade by the Zoppitelli family, who have 50 years of experience in the manufacture of these products. We strongly recommend you to visit them for a special "non-touristic" experience of the unknown Umbria.

We made them so you experience the feeling of nature as much as possible.

Come here on holiday to try the salt pool!

Around the pool: the countryside of Umbria

Wild and pure nature, carefully shaped by us

The pool is surrounded by ever-green bush with wild and natural charm.

Le Tortorelle

From the pool, the view of the hills in front of you

It is one of the most beautiful spots of our farmhouse: from the terrace of the pool you can discover a beautiful view of the hills of Umbria. 

All around you have the woods, the field of the farm, the ridge of the hill.

We always have a light-breeze, so even the hottest days are comfortable.

A Farmhouse is Home: choose your corner of relaxation

Wicker sofas, benches, deckchairs, and small tables.

We invite guests to find their "favourite place", moving the equipment where they prefer, with the freedom to feel at home.

Someone choose to go and rest under the orchard, some other near the vegetable garden observing the life of the fruit, those in the large lawn facing east, or those who prefer one of the two porches.


Wicker: an ancient tradition of Umbria

Our grandparents used to weave wicker, making many useful objects for everyday life with this precious material.

This is emotion and memories we feel by using this material.

NEW this year: we have repainted all the wicker sofas in "antique pink", so as to match them with the typical stone of Assisi and our area that we have for the alleys and porches. 

Small details, true, but always important to create harmony and well-being.

Natural materials

As in the choice of wicker, we like to use many natural materials. 

Have you seen the style of our rooms and the chandeliers made with ivy roots?