Healthy products

Organic farmhouse in Umbria:
here is our location

You will surely be interested to know the position of our agritourism regarding organic farming in Umbria.

On the other hand, for many people eating organic food is synonymous with quality and well-being.

A healthy life, therefore a healthy holiday


A healthy life, spent on a farm and in the countryside, surrounded by green Umbria.

And we've thought so from the first day we came to live on this farm.

But it's not just for us.
The experience of coming on holiday to our farm must be a "tasteful" experience,
but it must also be an experience of healthy living, for all our guests.


Pure place, pure food. What else?

We are in a wonderful place: made of clean air, fertile soil without chemistry, salt sanitized swimming pool, "slow" life of Umbria. 

How could we ever imagine not eating the best products?

If for you Organic = High quality, then we fully agree.

The products we choose

At our farmhouse we choose the Umbria of niche and small artisans. 

We always go in search of the best product quality - taste - healthy life. 

And above all: we always try to go "in the field" to see how they produce, trying to get to know people before buying from them.

We believe that this is the best guarantee for a healthy, ethical and clean product.

our garden is natural

Everything we produce does not undergo any chemical treatment.

Not just the garden, but not just the flowers, the trees, the lawn, the wild herbs, nothing.
We don't even use chemistry for weeds!

The Artisans of Umbria

They are the small producers of our colleagues, it's made in Umbria.

Companies that make work ethic, passion for their products, respect for the environment, and love for Umbria their characteristics.

There are those who practice integrated struggle, and those who have permaculture techniques,
but the substance is always the same:

A quality product - taste - and made with responsible choices. 

About organic certifications

Here we open another world, which not only looks at the "quality" of the product, but includes a whole series of bureaucracy, costs and stamps.


Organic is certainly a "guarantee of quality" for products of large companies or multinationals. Producing them the cheapest "conventional", having organic lines, which certify the use of organic products in cultivation or production, is definitely a guarantee factor.

But for a small business, what is most important is to get to know the producers in person, and go out in the field to see how they produce their products!

Umbria is made of craftsmanship and very small farms.
Even the most organized are often in difficulty to maintain the BIO certification.
It includes high expenses and paperwork, and a family business is not always able to manage them.